Used hats

Plooij Hats and Materials has a yearly turnover in used- and bulk goods of approximately 250.000 felt hats a year. These goods are frequently gathered throughout Europe. Because of this constant supply of goods and materials HP tex has an impressive collection at her disposal. It is this extended collection that makes us a very interesting partner for merchants. All hats which are put up for sale are inspected and cleaned. We export products on a worldwide base.

The bulk goods comprise of new hats and new millinery supplies. These bulk goods originate from odd lots or left over goods at a hat factory or hat retailer. This is why we have the most competative rate in the business for hats and millinery supplies.

Odd lots

Plooij Hats and Materials is constantly searching for new sources to acquire odd lots. If you have an odd lot please contact us. We are happy to inspect the lot on site and make you a suitable offer.