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Hats and millinery supplies

Plooij Hats and Materials is the Dutch supplier for hats and millinery supplies. Our passion for hats provides you with the possibility to create the hats you have always dreamed about.

12 April - 16 April
Barcelona Hatwalk
30 April 2023
RAD Gala manege Thielen teTilburg
14 May 2023
Moederdag Hoedendag
13 July - 18 July
Estivales du Chapeau de Caussade
6 September - 11 September
Mut zum Hut 2023 im Schloss Neuburg

We have it all.

Ready made hats or an extensive range of millinery supplies, it’s all there. We only supply first class materials and we have a substantial stock at our shop. Wether you are a domestic or an international client, Plooij Hats and Materials is your number one supplier. If you need something that we do not generally stock than we will search for it among her many contacts and suppliers both domestic and foreign. We will provide a tailor made solution for our clients.

Note: the actual colors may differ from the image shown.

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