Plooij since 1987

In 1987 Plooij Hats and Materials (formerly HP tex)originated from a fabrics recycling company. It has its roots in the export of used felt hats to Indonesia and supplying to merchants. The company was situated in Uithoorn on the premises of a livestock trader. It was here that the connection between hats and carriages was made. HP tex has actively incorporated this connection into the conduct of business. In so doing HP tex became a phenomenon in the field of hats and caps for everyone in the Netherlands who has a passion for horse drawn carriages.

FROM nes aan de amstel TO uddel
After a year the company moved to Nes aan de Amstel and extended the business with trading in odd lots and left over goods. From that moment on trading started with several hatfactories in Europe. This is why HP tex is still able to offer hats at compatative rates. After 12 years the company decided to move to Uddel, the current place of business.​​​​​​​

A business client requested HP tex to procure the garniture collection. This new challenge meant the start of the current trade in millinery supplies. At first HP tex buyed odd lots of millinery supplies. But soon the demand exceeded the offer. Therefore we began ordering the materials directly at the manufacturer. Since 2014 HP tex has changed its name due to succession. Plooij Hats and Materials has grown to be the the number one supplier of millinery supplies in the Netherlands. The company and employees strife for continuous development in the field of materials, techniques and trends so we can always meet our clients needs.​​​​​​​