Hats for carriages

In the Netherlands there are over 3.000 antique carriages and coaches owned by private individuals. Some are left neglected in a barn or warehouse, but there are quite a few which are frequently used. The owners hitch one or more horses to the carriage and go for a relaxing tour.

ALL under one rooF
Many trips and tours are organized in the Netherlands every year. For instance the Castletour in Doorn or the Nighttrip in the citycentre of Amsterdam. Plooij Hats and Materials attends these events with an extensive range of hats.

Please refer to the calandar for upcomming events which Plooij Hats and Materials will attend. At every event we have a booth present. Especially for these kind of events Plooij Hats and Materials offers a range of antique and classic head gear. Recently we have accquired the prestigious brand Christies for high hats and bowler hats. These hats are known for their excellent model and fit. Apart from the regular selection of hats Plooij Hats and Materials can provide special ordered hats for you when requested.